6-String Banjo… what is it and can I play it like a guitar?

What is the 6-string banjo?In a word, yes!

As musicians, our appetite to experience and explore new styles and sounds naturally extends to wanting to pick up exciting new instruments we’ve not played before. With many guitarists often looking longingly at the banjo but perhaps being slightly apprehensive about giving one a try given their unfamiliar tunings, or their slightly alien 5th fret tuning peg, the 6-string banjo bridges this gap perfectly.

6-string banjos are tuned the same as 6-string guitars - (E,A,D,G,B,E) – and therefore allow all you guitarists out there to transfer your existing understanding, skill set and licks to the banjo seamlessly. You’ll be amazed at how the new tone and sound of a 6-string banjo gets your creative juices flowing too… Licks that can then be transferred back to your guitar! The two instruments work in excellent harmony together.

Take a look at our Barnes & Mullins ‘Perfect’ 6-string banjo HERE

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