Is the ukulele easy to play?

Is the ukulele easy to play?Yes! The ukulele is one of the easier instruments to play, for sure. It’s also one of the most fun. Their four, low tension nylon strings are not too taxing on your strumming hand so you will master the rhythmic aspects quickly. Chord shapes are pretty simple compared to other stringed instruments and therefore generally easier to transition from chord one to another.

The ukulele is taught to young pupils in schools as it is easy to hold, sounds great and fun to play.

Although varying in size, all ukuleles are relatively small, compact, light and portable. You can easily take them anywhere and they make for excellent musical companions on camping holidays and around beach campfires.

What is more, most popular songs are easy to learn and sound great played on the ukulele – so it won’t be long before you are busting out some classics on your new uke.

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