Baritone Size Ukuleles

Baritone ukulele sizesBaritone ukuleles are the next size up from tenor models. They have the longest scale length – between 48 – 51cm - and an overall length of 76 – 78.5cm.

They are unique in that they are tuned differently to the other soprano, concert and tenor models that make up the common ukulele family. Their D, G, B, E tuning is the same as the four highest strings of a guitar, making them a great choice for guitarists who want to transition to the ukulele.

The similarities to the guitar don’t stop there. The larger body size of baritone ukuleles mean they deliver the deepest, richest sound with lots of low-end, and sound a lot like a classical or small concert guitar.

Given their size, longer scale length and wider neck, baritone ukuleles make excellent models for fingerpicking styles and are suitable for players of all skill levels.

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