Soprano Ukulele Sizes

Soprano ukulele sizesSoprano ukuleles are the smallest of the common ukulele family with a scale length between 33 - 35cm and an overall length of around 54cm. They are also the most commonly played size.

Like all acoustic instruments, body size relates to sound and tone production. Larger bodied instruments have more tonewood that is physically moving which naturally produces a louder, more resonant sound with more bass frequency delivery. In the case of the soprano ukulele, its small body means there is less tonewood to resonate, giving them their recognisable and charming bright ‘Hawaiian’ vibe.

Although many beginners start out playing a soprano uke, the slightly larger fret spacing of concert and tenor models allow a little more room to manoeuvre your fingers. So, although it’s a completely personal choice and there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best size to learn on, it’s something worth considering if you’re new to the ukulele.

Of course, the compact size of soprano ukuleles mean they are easy to transport – making them excellent musical companions on your next holiday or around the beach campfire.

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