Tenor Ukulele Sizes

Tenor ukuleles are the next size up from concert models. They have a scale length between 43 – 45.5 cm and an overall length between 66 – 68.5cm. Their extra length allows for a wider fret spacing, making them easy to play and a great choice for fingerpicking. They’re also a good choice for players with larger hands.

Tenor ukuleles are often the go-to for professional players and their larger size and inherent playability offer an excellent choice for players wanting to experiment with different playing styles. They perform particularly well in a ukulele duo or trio – occupying the lower frequencies wonderfully.

Their larger size means they deliver a deep, resonant and bass-y tone with excellent volume and can be tuned to high-G (the same as soprano and concert ukes) or low-G where the G string is tuned down one whole octave for a mellower tone.