5-String Banjo Tunings

5-string-banjo-tuning.jpgG, D, G, B, D - Open G: Standard and commonly used 5-string banjo tuning. This tuning is referred to as "Open G" tuning as a G chord is produced when removing all fingers from the fingerboard and then strumming.

G, C, G, B, D - C Tuning / Drop C: Referred to as "C" tuning. Also known as ‘Drop C’ tuning because -quite simply – you drop the D string in Open G tuning to a C note.

G, C, G, C, D Double C: Regularly used in North American folk music. It gets its name because the B string is tuned to a C note - meaning the banjo has two C strings.

G, D, G, C, D – G Modal / Sawmill Tuning / Mountain Minor Tuning: A tuning close to Open G tuning with the exception of the second string which is tuned to C. Commonly used in many Old Time songs. The note change of the second string to C produces a G sus4 chord when played open which gives this tuning its modal sound.

F#, D, F#, A, D – D Tuning: Used in some select bluegrass songs, this tuning was a favourite of Earl Scruggs and produces a D chord when played open (not strings fretted).

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