Is it easy to learn the banjo?

Is it easy to learn the banjo?If you’re reading this, it’s more than likely you already play the banjo or have an interest in learning. If it’s the latter, then the banjo really is a great choice! It is a relatively comfortable instrument to hold and isn’t overly taxing on your fingers like some guitars and bowed instruments can be.

The many types and tunings of the banjo mean it’s an instrument that naturally inspires and rewards exploration. Familiarise yourself with the rich history of the different types of banjo music from bluegrass to traditional jazz, Irish to country music, see what piques your interest and go from there.

5-String banjos are an excellent choice for beginners as most popular bluegrass and old time music is played on them. They are commonly tuned to open G – G, D, G, B, D – meaning a G chord is produced when removing all fingers from the fingerboard and then strumming. This tuning is great for exploring the instrument and learning the fundamental scales and chords that will see you well on your way to mastering the banjo in no time at all.

For guitarists looking to transition into playing the banjo, 6-string banjos are tuned exactly the same as a guitar so you can easily transfer your existing understanding, skill set and licks to the banjo.

Barnes & Mullins have been manufacturing high-quality banjos since 1895 and therefore have extensive knowledge and experience in producing instruments designed specifically to make learning the banjo as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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